Why Americans Voted for Trump

There are many unhappy Americans today, but those Americans should consider that many of the people that voted for Donald Trump were African Americans, Latinos, Asians, Indians, women, LBGTQs, new immigrants and many others. Why in the world did they vote for Trump???

1) Because they want real economic opportunity brought to all Americans, including America’s poorest communities, not lower wages, part-time jobs or the current trend of more people dropping out of the workforce.
2) Because they want better healthcare, not less choices for more money.
3) Because they want safer communities and a safer world and we’re not going in that direction now.
4) Because they realize that America is the greatest nation in history because of our freedom and independence, not because of a menu of European-style cradle-to-grave government services.
5) Because they believe that they can spend their own money more wisely than the federal government can spend it for them.
6) Because they love the idea of starting their own small business and not having it crushed by regulations, fees & taxes.
7) Because they know that the Trump real estate empire built buildings and businesses and in the process hired employees and contractors of different ethnicities, genders, religions, and sexual orientations based on ability to get the job done, not based on discrimination.
8) Because they’re tired of their tax dollars going to foreign governments that can take care of themselves.
9) Because they can’t believe that America’s military veterans (of all races & genders) have been put on hidden waiting lists for medical services where they were left to die, and the problem is still not fixed.
10) Because they know that the U.S. national debt is increasing to dangerous heights and borrowing more & more from China is not a solution.
11) Because they know that the American education system for many of our kids (especially the poorest kids) is beyond unacceptable with no solution in sight.

Liberal Americans think this election was about hate, about Trump hating people and Trump supporters hating people. That was never true, not even close to true, no matter how many times it was said on MSNBC or Daily Kos. As a white male Trump supporter, I want freedom, economic prosperity and a safe environment for ALL Americans – black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Arab, Indian, gay, female, male, and Americans of all religions. We are all human beings – dads, moms, kids, aunts, uncles, best friends and everyone deserves a chance to love and to be loved, to succeed and to chase our dreams. A bloated incompetent Washington DC was not working. It was time to drain the swamp. That’s the real reason why Americans of every gender, race, religion, orientation and heritage voted for Trump.